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Sloan- Same or Bigger?

Brooks Duncan writes:

>I don't think that argument really washes in this case Shawn. During
> the "Smeared era" when 500 Up was getting tonnes of airplay, they
> played in Victoria for under $10. Now they're playing UVic for $17! I
> don't think that they are any bigger now than they were then. Maybe
> even the opposite.

In my opinion, (if it has any validity) Sloan is HUGE in Canada now.  I
think their going to get even bigger.  Almost Beatles big. Okay, I might be
pushing it.  They still have to break the big American market, but Sloan now
is a very big act.  A quick Story:
        Me and a friend were at school.  My friend with a Sloan tee on and
me with my Speedbuggy tee on.  These jocks came up to us and asked us who or
what Sloan and Speedbuggy were and told us that we didn't know anything
about music.  That was then, and this is now.  A week ago, we saw those
jocks again, and they said, "So you must like it that Sloan is big now eh?"
My point of this story is that, even jocks and now everyone knows about
Sloan..  (though they don't know about Speedbuggy)..  Oh well, my prediction
is that Sloan will be huge!  Even bigger than now.