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Re: what is the reason

At 05:09 PM 9/28/96 PDT, you wrote:
> I don't think that argument really washes in this case Shawn. During
> the "Smeared era" when 500 Up was getting tonnes of airplay, they
> played in Victoria for under $10. Now they're playing UVic for $17! I
> don't think that they are any bigger now than they were then. Maybe
> even the opposite.
But think of it this way...
smeared sold maybe 50 000 copies (max) and it's been out oh....almost 5
years. OCTA sold over 35 000 copies in 3 months. 500 up may of been get
airplay on the radio, but just the other day a friend of mine told me :"you
know, i really like that new Sloan video, but i think it's overplayed,
everytime i turn Muchmusic on it's on"
and both videos were in the countdown at the same time...
Everything you've done wrong debuted at #27...
they're bigger now - just face it 
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