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Re: what is the reason

Tara wants to know,
>my friends back home in calgary, and my friends in western canada, are
>telling me the price tag for a sloan ticket is $17.
>can someone in the know please explain the jump in prices? if this is
>really what they must ask for in order to stay relatively independent and
>comfortable, well, ok. but it does seem a little weird to jump up 7 bucks
>just like that. 

My correspondants in Calgary inform me that  ticketmaster(and we all know
how they are) is handling the selling of the goods, enough said.  Our boys
are in the big league I guess.  17 isn't that bad, I mean, Sass Jordan was
here for Homecoming and they wanted 15 for her(haha nobody went).  Maybe the
BOYS are a little starstruck.

Push just a little bit....


PS:  This probably doesn't mean much to anyone but I havn't mentioned that
His Luscious Uncle are on a little break-up with a bunch of the members
going to Europe for the year.  They were a Celtic/folk band here in
Sackville and where lots of fun and were really good, but no more for right

"Sackville is more than just some town out of bags in New Brunswick..."