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Sloan- Same or Bigger?

Paul Kang <fka709\!/erabanner.net> writes:

> My point of this story is that, even jocks and now everyone knows about
> Sloan..  (though they don't know about Speedbuggy)..  Oh well, my prediction

That's nothing new. When I saw Sloan 3 years ago at Harpo's here in
Victoria (for $7 I might add), it was JAMMED with jocks and fratboys. I
was completely surprised to be honest with you.

I still maintain that TGIE and EYDW aren't getting nearly the amount of
airplay that 500 Up did. Definately not enough to justify a $10 jump in
ticket prices (IMHO of course :) ).

> is that Sloan will be huge!  Even bigger than now.

I don't think there's any doubt about that, and after their Geffen
experience I think they deserve it.