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Ottawa Sloan Review

Okay, so I`m not the first to post a Ottawa sloan show review, but I feel I
should say that it was AMAZING!!! My first sloan show, and it was AMAZING!!!
Now lets settle some popular misconceptions: 1)They are a very good live
band...no equipment probs or anything 2)Chris is not a dick. He was very
nice to me. 3)The Local rabbits do not suck (this being my first time
hearing them) although that bass player really scares me. Whats with the

Well, a quick run-through of the show: The "no crowd surfing" speech
appeared after two songs, and I was glad because I have been kicked in the
head numerous times. When someone disobeyed the rules, Patrick stopped
singing and missed two lines and Chris shook his head in a "tsk, tsk..."
way. Then they kept going, and everyone just went nuts mainly for Snowsuit
Sound, The Good in Everyone, People of the Sky and the most postive reaction
came to Bells On. Well, I suppose that basically it. I really liked EtH,
this also being my first time hearing them and I hope the ol` Sloan Carnival
rolls into town once again...Oh, yeah, Andrew got the crowd to provide the
"pa-pa-pada-pa!" on People of the Sky. And that Chris plays a mean drums!!!

                                                        Bye for now kids,