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what is the reason

hello sloan net...

my friends back home in calgary, and my friends in western canada, are
telling me the price tag for a sloan ticket is $17. the last time we saw
them in calgary, when they were on a big wig :) record label, tickets were
$10. the times before, it was $8. 

can someone in the know please explain the jump in prices? if this is
really what they must ask for in order to stay relatively independent and
comfortable, well, ok. but it does seem a little weird to jump up 7 bucks
just like that. 

even though i would drive all the way to vancouver to see them (and the
rest of music west), i don't know if i could justify spending $17 for ONE
night's show.

bye for now,

ps/ how many appearances on this tour are all ages?

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after September 30, 1996