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Re: what is the reason

>can someone in the know please explain the jump in prices? if this is
>really what they must ask for in order to stay relatively independent and
>comfortable, well, ok. but it does seem a little weird to jump up 7 bucks
>just like that. 

its actually quite simple, when yr band is starting out you charge a cheaper
price so people will actually come out and see you, but as you get bigger
you will have more people who want to see you, so you charge more. You also
gotta account for all the rented gear, past tour and album debts, people you
bring on the road(merch guy, lighting guy, in sloans case *two* sounds guys)
As you can see it pretty easy to rack up the costs of touring. Another thing
is, seeing the whole tour is also selling out there is quite the demand, and
whats happens to something that is in demand?? The price goes up.