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Re: what is the reason

On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:

> hello sloan net...
> my friends back home in calgary, and my friends in western canada, are
> telling me the price tag for a sloan ticket is $17. the last time we saw
> them in calgary, when they were on a big wig :) record label, tickets were
> $10. the times before, it was $8. 

I'm not saying that I like paying $17 bucks either to see Sloan but 
considering that Sloan seems to sell out 1000+ seat venues across Canada, 
especially larger cities like Toronto, then the $17 ticket seems 
justified. Plus you're also getting openers like Elevator to Hell and 
Local Rabbits. And if they actually make a profit off this tour, the 
Sloan boys can finance new or existing projects for Murderecords. Tickets 
in Toronto for the Sloan show are(or were ... it might be sold out) 
$15.50 and so far that's a bargain for me.