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Re: curly's portable radio

Curly's was indeed an experience.  My highlights are as follows.

1.Shant and Adam leaving me all alone in this strange place, only to be 
joined at my table by Alison MacLeod and Alison Outhit.  Boy, oh boy, the 
rock 'n roll conversation.. They were talking about their gardens and 
exchanging recipies for pickeled carrots. 

2.Sitting almost *under* a bunch of 4 foot long chainsaws that were 
hanging from the ceiling.

3.All the stuffed dead animals on the walls.  Most notably were 'Mickey 
Moose' and 'Lawerence Elk'.  Sick people.

4.The guy with the *most* original pickup line " I have a tupperware 
catalogue in my pocket"  He used it on both alisons, but alas, no success.

5.The crazy line dancing chick.  She asked both Alison M. and myself to 
dance with her.  Later on, she was up on the floor line dancing to 
Rebecca West, all by her self.  The she went and bugged the sound guy for 
about 15 minutes, trying to get him to turn it down because it was too 
loud for her to dance to.

6.The bathrooms (the inside outhouse).  The 'lumberjacks' and 'lumberjills' 

I guess that's all.  It had to be the best Rebecca West show I've ever seen.
Those who could have gone, but didn't, well... poop on you:)