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ottawa sloan-elevator..


ah ha! no one yet has discussed the ottawa show last night. this will be
short, however, long reviews get tedious.

when we first arrived, we were frisked!! wow. i've only ever been frisked
before seeing stone temple pilots 3 years ago! and then they told us 'no
cameras' much to my dismay....... local rabbits went on, and they were okay..
better than the times i'd seen them before. beware sleazy bass player though,
yikes... he was crazy!  

 elevator were next, they kicked ass. tara said i could take photos of them,
so the security guys reluctantly let me without a flash. elevator played some
great stuff, some off the new ep, and only roger and the hair off of the first
12". rick had a funny keyboard and box with many dials to make cool noises.
they were incredeble. and tara is great, i talked to her a bunch during and
after sloan.. 

then after too long a wait was sloan. the beefy security guys even set out
towels, and water bottles, and opened the bottles for them and everything.
geez. they're in the big leagues now.anyways, i the guy said i could take
photos during the first three songs of sloan, then no more. and so i took some
beautiful photos. anyways, they were cool, they played pretty much everything
that they played before but they played *take the bench* which chris said
they'de never ever played live before... wow special...       anyways, c'est
tout..   cool show indeed. and i will see sebadoh on wed. and dub narcotic on
fri.!! cool concets!!    anyhow, bye..