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Sloan in Calgary (help)

Hi! I'm new here but I can't stay long tho coz this isn't exactly my
But I just wanted to know some things on the Sloan show here in Calgary if
anyone could help me. Will Sloan have an autograph signing or something
before or after the show? How can I get autographs? Should I wait until
they're packing up or something? What happens after the show's done?
I know the guys were at Megatunes not a while back but I didn't know what
day when someone told me, so I was upset I missed the opportunity.

Sorry, about all those silly questions. But I've never really been
to many shows before and I'm unexperienced with this trying to
obtain autographs thing :)

Oops, and just to say a bit about my self.. My name's Sandy, I'm 15, from
Calgary (moved from Vancouver), I've liked Sloan since '93 and.. well..
um.. they rock!! (as if no one knew that already *g*) 

If anyone could help me out a bit, please please reply PRIVATELY as I
can't be on the list any longer! :(