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curly's portable radio

wow! i never thought there was anyplace hokeyer than the esquire tavern 
in moncton to see gigs at....until tonight!
then we came to face with curly's portable pub & grub.
that's right folks..."3 alternative bands"...i swear that's what the gig 
poster said!
trike had to cancel unfortunately due to illness, but in their place was 
good ol' dusty sorbet to set the mood for the evening...
he was loud and inchoherent, but let's blame that on the wonderful 
soundguy who had no idea what the hell he was doing! it just goes to 
show you what you get for a 12-pack and some smokes.
dusty pulled off a great 25 minute set although he was sick with the flu 
(and just who *isn't* right now here in halifax?)
next up was plumtree who i've been more impressed with lately. they've 
tightened their sound up a bit, and even though they had to share a 
single monitor and 3 mics for the 4 of them, they were able to pull off the 
show without a hitch! 
the highlight for me though (aside from watching alyson macleod get asked 
to dance by some crazy drunk chick) was rebecca west! the best show i 
think i've ever seen them play! it was so full of energy and sarcasm that 
we couldn't help but laugh! comments about playing doobie brother songs 
or bringing up taxidermy before playing "buffalo skull" were so tongue in 
cheek that i almost expected them to get chased out by drunken 
rednecks...except, well, there weren't many people there, and the ones 
that were were all drunk and playing pool and gambling machines ;)
hell, we even managed to get an encore out of them...although lucas 
claims it was the pool players who actually swayed them.
also unexpected but quite enjoyable were the onstage antics....lucas 
doing chuck berry moves across the stage and allison trying to emulate...
i loved the soundguy's "on/off" light show. he literally had *3* light 
switches to choose from!
allison at one point made a sarcastic comment on it and i think he 
thought she meant it and he started showing off a bit more with it!
too bad the sound was quite muddy throughout most of the show, and the 
soundguy had a fucking delay pedal connected to the board as his reverb 
effect and he was using it on the bands at inappropriate moments!

all in all, it was worth the drive into enfield...even if i did do it 
twice this evening ;)



"men...calloused hands...men..."   M. Gaudet - 28/07/96