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Re: sloan in kingston

>  I was wondering if Sloan has played "laying
> >blame" anywhere else lately.  I was so suprised when Chris started singing
> >it.  I think it was my hi-lite of the night.  
> >Check ya later
> >Marty
> Well they played it in both London and Waterloo, why they are choosing a
> song that is rear impossible to find/buy really beats me. Lates...

Have you seen the red "This here is Sloan" t-shirt?

It lists them as the "guitarist-composers" of mostly a bunch of b-sides
and obscurities. The ones I can think of offhand are "Same Old Flame"
"Laying Blame" "Pilowfight" (which I've only heard 'cause Sizzleteen
kndly sent me a 'live on the cbc' tape) and "one professional care"
which I have never ever heard.

Apparently Sloan delight in their obscurities. And "Laying Blame" is a
terrific song.

And it's too bad OCTA isn't being released in the States. I know a few
people who are waiting on pins and needles for their own copy.

geezer-boy dale