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Kingston Sloan Review

Hi guys:) First off, a little detour: there was a guy after the show last
night with a sloannet shirt on... who r u? Okay, the review(keep in mind,
there was a hospital around and it was done by 11:00, and it started an hour
late at 9:00)
Local Rabbits -
 Almost had to play to an empty floor with everyone up in the balcony
because the barrrier arrived late so they bargained to play a shorter set
with kids on the floor. It was the usual "who is this band?" from the crowd
so there were people at the front, but it wasn't squishy yet. Their set was
only  5 songs long, among them sally ann and the stalker song (I forget the
title). Despite the short time length of it, there was a lot of energy
still. Ben at one point got off the stage and onto the barrier and half lied
down on it. You couldn't hear the vocals really well at all because it was
Eleveator to Hell-
 played a really good set. What a full sound! They played to a bit of a
tighter packed crowd, but I think that was only because Sloan was coming
next. The endings of a few of their songs really stuck with me, feed back
and such. A good contrast to the LR! My only complaint about their set would
be that Tara had her back to us almost the whole time. Oh well, you don't
really need to see to hear:)
Okay, I was getting squished up against the barrier, and all for a buncha
(yes we all know the type) steryotypical jocks and frosh. It was akin to
being molested almost, but then I"d just get mad and use the barrier and
push them all back:) As for their set, they were really tight. I guess this
is the only show so far that they've enjoyed in Kingston, there was no crowd
surfing, just crowd crushing. It seemed as though (to me anyway) sloan did
their show with a tired enthusiasm. Granted they've done a million shows
already, but there wasn't that spark in the air that I was looking forward
to. It was a great show technically, I mean Chris even thanked the people in
the balcony and that they weren't forgotten even tho they can't be seen.
There was even a guy in the crowd who they recognized from thier video
shoot, and that was kewl. Getting a whole host of pseudo fans that follow
the next band that much music tells them to is good for a while, but
annoying as hell for other fans while it's happening.

Shouts out to Sarah and Randy(It was kewl to see u guys!). Also, I got
interviews with members of each band, so they should be out in printed form