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Re: moist molly

Date:          Fri, 27 Sep 1996 01:46:27 -0300
From:          James Cooper <af557\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>
To:            BARTLETT JONATHAN DOUGLAS <g2ht\!/unb.ca>
Cc:            sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com
Subject:       Re: moist molly

PLUS they're playing with Neil, that means some percentage of the ticket 
that I bought goes to them...that truly sucks. 
Maybe Pete Drodge'll be okay, anyone know about him?

   I'm going to see neil as well, a freind of mine stayed out 
overnight and got about 15 tickets in the eighth and ninth rows. Are 
you going with anybody??? If not, yr welcome to a party my freinds 
and I are putting together...

 take care, Aaron Petrie.