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Re: New Sloannet Rule!!!

Molly Wilson <lillimae\!/wchat.on.ca> had this to say about New Sloannet Rule!!!

}>> PS Are any of the Haligonians who are shelling out to see Neil Young
}>> and Crazy Horse actually going to sit through the opener?  Moist??

}Simple as that.  Actually, i don't know why anyone even ever mentions
}Moist, because they are the farthest thing from an East Coast band!  So,
}the proposed rule:
}Don't talk about Moist.  Don't insult Moist, and don't favour Moist.

I mentioned Moist because they are playing in Halifax (and by the 
way, played here less than a month ago, so someone must like them).
I made no comment about Moist, positive or negative, simply a yes/no 
question directed only at the subset of SloanNetters who had bought 
tickets to the show and which could easily be answered via personal 
email (Bad Ettiquette, Shant!).  Had you not posted this, no thread 
would have arisen, because you were the first person outside this 
subset to post a reply, and thus invited discussion on whether or 
not people worldwide like Moist.

So by stating the rules, you broke them! :)


}Seen Emma?
}Join the (Un)Official Ewan McGregor Fan Club!

Saw Emma, not the others.  Loved it, probably the best Jane Austen 
movie.  Who's Ewan McGregor? (please reply personally)