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Re: moist molly

Jim Cooper

On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, BARTLETT JONATHAN DOUGLAS wrote:

> how can you just "say nothing about moist".  they are one of the most 
> pathetic bands to surface their west coast asses in years.  they are 
> a disgrace to my country (ka-na-da) and to music in general.  oh, the 
> watchmen are coming to town tonight....jon
PLUS they're playing with Neil, that means some percentage of the ticket 
that I bought goes to them...that truly sucks.  I know this is nothing 
new, but I should at least be allowed to say how dissapointed I am.  
Moist of ALL bands, why not bring ... any other band?  I just hope that 
Neil isn't actually into this band, and it's a label thing(though somehow 
I doubt it, he likes thirteen engines)  ARE Moist and Neil labelmates?).  
Maybe Pete Drodge'll be okay, anyone know about him?

btw, i wouldn't hold yer breath waiting for Zedd and daydream to come 
together, right now, over me
deadbody jim