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Tara S'appart 7"s are ready

Hello all, 
This is dream smith from homemade hearts.  Thank you for being so 
patient, and it has payed off becuase tara's 7"s are ready.  (a couple 
had been express shipped to tara two weeks ago to take on her tour, but now 
the whole load is ready).
For those of you who don't know, Tara is really Tara White, the bassist of 
Elevator to Hell, and probably best know for being "love tara", Rick 
White's wife.
Last heard on her demo tape "space so pretty", she has really grown into 
a beautiful songwriter/producer. 
I'm selling the 7", so I feel sort of weird singing its praises, so I'll 
try to be short.  Let me just say that it has everything you'd come to 
expect from the hidden crevices and caves of stereo mountain.  Tales of 
loneliness and 
love, yet with a sound completly her own.   4 songs.  12 minutes.  All 
instruments + vocals by Tara except Drums by Rick  The Little 7". $6 ppd

Homemade hearts is also releasing another home recorded 7", soft 
blanket.  Running away from everyone you know and spending 3 months alone 
in a wood heated cabin in the dead of winter, in
the heart of Maine can do strange things to a person.  6 songs, just 
under 13 minutes.  Snuggle up with soft blanket and the hideaway 7". $6ppd


For your convenience, these 7"s can be ordered from a myriad of locations 
(ooh, myriad, what a fancy word).  1st they can be orderd from me here at 
homemade hearts: 719 Ashbourne Rd. 
		 Elkins Park, Pa. 19027 USA

Also they can be orderd from Rick and Tara at their PO box:
		PO BOX 1701
		Moncton, N.B.
		E1B  1M6

And here are the names and e-mail addresses of some people who have 
agreed to help me distribute in some major cities around Canada.  If you 
live close enough to one of them, maybe you could arrange to pick it up, 
and save a bit on postage.

Patrick Wilikins - Waterloo

Cam (last name unknown) - Toronto

Melissa Buote <MBUOTE\!/Upei.CA> - Prince Edward Island

(note: the above people do not yet have the 7"s, they are currently in 
the mail to them, however).

Also available (from Homemade Hearts and Rick and Tara only) are 2 soft 
blanket tapes: Death of the perfect Love, and Snuggle up with Soft 
Blanket, and Tara's tape, "Space so Pretty", All $4.50 ppd

use of the name homemade hearts is still being filed by the PA state department, 
and boy do they take their time\!/!)

Thanks you for your time.
-dream smith.

P.S. If anyone has heard either of thee 7"s please write and tell me what 
you think.