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new elevator to hell 7"

hi kids,

here's the deal:

the new elevator to hell 7" is now available.  it is called "backwards may".
it contains 3 songs.  "analysis 1377", "backwards may" and "backteeth".
it's a full band recording featuring rick, tara & mark.

in case you're interested you can order it via mail order from us \!/
squirtgun records, 689 queen street, west, box 167, toronto, ontario,
canada, m6j 1e6 for $6 (postage included).

i might as well give you some updates on the releases i've had inquiries about.

the new hardship post 7" will be arriving \!/ our office (hopefully) tomorrow.
we will then ship it out to everyone who has ordered it.  and yes it is a
limited edition of 500 and that's it.

the orange glass cd will be a full length and will be out in early november
and it's called "interstellar interstellar".

there is still no confirmation regarding the eric's trip rarities cd.  the
tracks have been chosen but it's still up in the air who will be releasing it.

an inbreds 7" will be released via sappy this fall and yes it will be
available through us.

i guess that's about it for now.