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the scoop on those grace babies

Someone was asking what was up with the 
grace babies (possibly carol the sizzly-not-
so-much-a-teen =) ).  Here's the lowdown on 
what they're up to:

a) they have a new bass player named Stu.  
He's been with the band for like 16 days now.
unlike the previous member, he actually 
moves while on stage

b) they have a new 6 song tape out on Bat 
Cave Productions, i think.  It's called 
"igor".  6 songs for 6 bucks.  kinda steep 
if you ask me, but whatever

c) they're touring with furnaceface.  they 
will be somewhere in nova scotia by 
now...maybe outside kentville?

d) they've been sneaking into awards parties 
(ie the nation's music station) under the 
name waye mason.