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New Sloannet Rule!!!

Mr. Covey, if I may, I propose we add another rule to the list of Sloannet

>> PS Are any of the Haligonians who are shelling out to see Neil Young
>> and Crazy Horse actually going to sit through the opener?  Moist??
>only if i get past security with rotten eggs and tomatos...

Stop dissing Moist!!!  We've been through this so many times before only to
come to the conclusion that some people like Moist, some people don't.
Simple as that.  Actually, i don't know why anyone even ever mentions
Moist, because they are the farthest thing from an East Coast band!  So,
the proposed rule:

Don't talk about Moist.  Don't insult Moist, and don't favour Moist.  Don't
even mention the word Moist unless you're talking about something wet and

Thank you for your time, everyone.

(who's ending the message now because she fears the wrath of James Covey.)

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