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Sloan in Buffalo paper

This is in the current issue of Artvoice, a free paper in Buffalo.

Also found at--http://www.artvoice.com/hip_parade.html

      "Consequences Shmonsequences, As Long As I'm Rich"
      by Aggregis Philbin

      On this side of the border, Canadian music has obviously
      had an undeniable impact. One need only look at the
      messiah-like popularity of a band like the Tragically Hip,
      or the longevity of a group such as the Lowest of the Low
      (a band that ceased to be several years ago) to see how
      much Canadian music influences and flavors our local
      culture. Some find this to be a horrible drag, others seek
      what good they can find in it and carry on. The only thing I
      can say about this matter is think of the poor French.
      Whether a proud country or not, France's culture has
      been colonized by Americanization. Thus what's left over
      may well be a nation of bitter tarts standing on the corner
      using words like "le pull-over," "le hot dog" and the
      infamous "le weekend." If we may think upon this
      situation, we as a city and culture may realize that we have
      it relatively easy. Know what I mean, eh?

      Sloan may be one of the most underappreciated bands in
      this country (with the possible exception of Buffalo). After
      the release of Twice Removed, the Canadian indie-rock
      equivalent of a record like Sgt. Pepper or at least Rubber
      Soul, the group took a brief hiatus to pursue other
      projects and contemplate its possibly unglorious future.
      With the release of One Chord to Another, the infamously
      troublesome third album, Sloan has exhibited a newfound
      maturity of style and sound. Comparable to the Beach
      Boys' Friends album (a record despised by critics, loathed
      by the general listening populace and loved by a handful of
      adoring fans), One Chord to Another, builds upon the
      band's already well crafted harmonic style. Adding
      complex interplays of harmony with intelligent lyrical
      content and an undeniable sense of pop craft, Sloan has
      created a pop masterpiece. Destined to be Canada's
      answer to the Beatles (well as long as B.T.O. isn't in
      town), One Chord to Another is a total dig it!

on the web page, is a _PINK_ cover of One Chord to Another.