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I can totally totally relate to the obsessed fan fear. Here's the scoop:

I was at MusicWest waaaay back in May and saw the Sloan boys around the
city at various times. The most mentionable was at the Pal Joey show on
the last day(the Sunday) and Jay was there with his girlfriend(probably
the person you saw him with in T.O. since I presume she works out of there
for another record company). My incredibly drunk friend had done an
interview with Chris and Jay a few years before so he stumbled over to
chat. Suddenly I was called over in a very loud, booming voice(my friend
is a big boy) and introduced to Jay in the following manner: "Karen, this
is Jay. Jay, this is Karen. She's the biggest Sloan fan I know! She loves
you guys!" Needless to say I shriveled into a little ball and
said,"Umm...hi?" I still curse him for that, since it's much better to
remain an anonymous observer. He was very polite and all, and answered a
few questions we asked him. 

At the MusicWest show, and I'm not sure this was mentioned before because
I'm totally new, but Jay played with his hair too much(if you read this,
Jay, I hope you cut your hair). The aforementioned friend snuck backstage
and almost lept on stage after 10 minutes of hair pulling. Petty and
small, I know, but warranted to a degree.

That's the story. Curse me if you want to.