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Sloan Sighting

Howdy boys and girls,

I just got back from HMV on Yonge Street.  Guess who I ran into?

Jay Ferguson.  I talked to him for about five minutes.  I brought up the
Waterloo show and he didn't seem to think anything was wrong with it...

He was with a girl... I'm not sure who she was... She was making fun of
sloan-net and the fact that all the girls get giggly for the sloan boys.  

I brought up the fact that it was mentioned that someone from sloan had
something with Jale and he concurred...saying that it happened along time
ago and saying that it wasn't him.

I had my sloan shirt on at the time too...  I felt like a crazy obsessed fan.
He's a really nice guy though and he said that he reads sloan-net
occasionally in case anyone is wondering.

PS.  I also saw the lead singer from Treble Charger.  Wednesday is a
happening night at HMV!!!!!

Does anybody know where you can get the Cool Blue Halo CD...  The dicks at
HMV weren't much help.

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