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Belated Sloan Review

Hi i don't think i got the email adress right? for the list?
ah well.

Well i saw sloan on Sept 20 at the concert hall in toronto
and i've hearrd on the list how sloan kinda sucks live well
that was totally WRONG because it was, no exaggeration, the
best concert i'd ever been to.  Granted, i don't go to many
but  enough.

Local Rabbits played a WICKED SET, i love that new song Low
Down on the Down Low... or something like that.  i experienced
more Rabbit bashing afterwards as many of my friends proceeded
to tell me how much local rabbits sucked, that ben can't sing...
they're marylin manson fans so i told them that at least one
of my fave frontman doesn't RETCH into the mic

Elevator to Hell were OK. i'm not a big fan of erics trip and
the first few songs got on my nerves but there were some  good
ones. left me kinda (imagine my shrugging and putting out my
hand and see-sawing it from side to side saying "eh."

and of course Sloan were SOOOO GOOD... after 2 long years i
FINALLY GET TO SEE THEM LIVE. Well, i started liking them
after hearing 2x removed (a couple of months after it came
out) and i missed the feb 24 show in '95 (or '94?) and
edgefest 3 (because of a wedding.... i'm still bitter....
everything you've done wrong indeed....) so i've been waiting
QUITE a while. Good mix of 2x removed and OCTA, i was singing
along for the entire set except for Marcus Said from Smeared
(the only appearance from smeared that had some of my hard-
core sloan fan friends slightly disappointed) and Torn from

Five stars, yo.