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very short on the windsor sloan show..

Well i have read everones post on the sloan show in windsor and i must say
that everyone has done a great job reviewing the show. and they haven't
left many things out... I can't understand why no one said anything about
"People in the Sky"?chris played Drums and for the fist 2/3 of the song he
played really laid back and sang back up with Andrew singing lead and right
near the end of the song and chris pushed his mic away and just blew up i
have never him play so well in all my times seeing him play drums. He sure
lives up to his superfriendz aka name T>C<.
And to all how din't know the mytery girl singing i "can feel it" It my
good friend Lindsy Rice and i got a good laught at the back of the room
when i saw her get up there. well that's all SHORT and SWEET. byes


ryan mathew fields
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