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Re: advertisement and more?

Victor G. Catano <ae562\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca> had this to say about advertisement and more?

}i hear rumours that he one and only graham macdougall has bought his way 
}into indie land and has joined the zedd records team

Glad I'm not the only one who spreads rumours :)

}someone (andrew r.?) mentioned greg clark's enormous debt load and the 
}fact that he paid sloan a heep of cash to play HoM.  this is untrue, 
}clark paid no one to play the HoM fest, he provided a space for them to 
}hold it (probably at a cost), but the festival organisers took the money 
}from the door and paid the bands.  can you say: corporate sponsors?  the 
}birdland should move at the end of october/early november.

My apologies, I heard two rumours in one night and didn't really 
mean to associate them with each other.  I didn't consider that the 
organizers would be paying the bands, nor did I realize there was 
any sponsorship (who?).  All I heard was that 
Birdland capacity * Admission < total pay to Sloan and management.
And maybe it's not true.


PS Are any of the Haligonians who are shelling out to see Neil Young 
and Crazy Horse actually going to sit through the opener?  Moist??
What's the ticket price, anyway?