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where's BOB?

Friends, Romans, Sloanneteers, lend me your ears,
    I come not to bury Sanisoft, but to praise them.

    I have recently spied the yellow splendour of their latest, 
greatest effort.  "Marks and Angles".  There'd better be one for me 
when I get to Halifax.  What's the consensus on this tape?

    If there are any up&coming distro/label peoples out there who are 
seeking a little exposure on this hunk of red sandstone, e-me 
privately (okay okay, Messila, or mbuote\!/upei.ca) and we, the co-
entertainment editors of our little campus paper with a name that 
you'd just as soon not hear, will gladly, unabashedly, gratuitously 
extoll the virtues (which I'm sher are incessant) of your stuff.
Throw in a Free Thing for extry fine review... haha...ha.

    thanke you
    karen, halifax bound.  let trumpets trumpet and tubas tuba
PS: bob reeves is lost... if found, tell him to make his presence 
known... for information leading to the arrest - no, wait... the 
"finding" of BOB could get you a cash prize... you don't have to 
devulge your identity.  we'll leave the goods under the big tree in 
front of that building.