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Sloan in Windsor

For the benefit of easily-annoyed Sloannetters, I'll keep this brief,
in case there are multiple posts about the same show.  I thought the
show was great!  They seemed really happy to be there.  The band
refused to come out until everyone was sitting down.  Of course,
once they started playing many people got out of their seats.  Chris
joked a few times about how cool it looked to see everyone sitting
down.  I was really happy with the song choices -- I thought they
were better than what was picked at some previous shows (from what
I've seen on Sloannet.)  They only played one song from Smeared --
I am the Cancer.  From Twice Removed they played Penpals, I Hate My
Generation, People of the Sky, Coax Me, Bells On, Snowsuit Sound,
and (surprisingly, but happily) I Can Feel It.  From One Chord they
played ten out of the 12 songs, omitting only Take the Bench and
Junior Panthers.  Bells On sounded absolutely amazing live, and
Snowsuit Sound was also fantastic, with the audience providing the
handclaps.  I loved how during The Lines You Amend Chris and Patrick
both shrugged their shoulders and smiled during the line "what's so
bad about dying anyway."  Andrew played keyboard for A Side Wins,
and there were no maracas -- Chris took care of that part on the
drums.  For Everything You've Done Wrong, Patrick just sang the
horn part (like "baah bah bah bah baaaaah.")  They had some guy
from backstage come on stage to help Chris sing Anyone Who's Anyone,
and they invited a girl from the front to come up and help sing
I Can Feel It.  Chris said, and he claims he doesn't always say this,
that they love to play in Windsor and it's always great to be there,
except for last time when people broke stuff.  Moshing was not
possible because the first row of this theatre was so close to the
stage.  The band sounded great, despite a little bit of fading of
vocals at the beginning of a few songs, and they were extremely
entertaining.  Hopefully they'll come back to the area soon on an
American tour!