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Re: Sloan In Windsor (review)

->This is a post script, and the main message is solid as a rock ECC, so don't
->get all bent in a pretzel over this:  Has anyone heard the new zumpano yet?
->If so, Is it closer to rookie or the murder 7" (Short, and really poppy, or
->Really Long and poppy.)?

Sorry if answering this gets on the nerves 
of few or many, but I have been listening to 
the new Zumpano all afternoon and it's SO 
It's like the 7" from murder (note that 
track #5 is "the only reason under the sun") 
but longer.  Though it's hard to 
differenciate between the Rookie LP and the 
single if you ask me, both are quality 
releases and both sound distinctly like 
Zumpano. this is the best thing I've put 
in my CD player in a long time -- There are 
12 tracks, it's about 45 minutes long.  
"Behind the Beehive" is probably my 
favourite track, but they are all gems.  I 
like this CD as much as OCTA...maybe even 
more (please, excuse my blasphemy).

Excellent songwriting, beautiful 
harmonies. Pure Zumpano.

it's enough to make me wish I lived on the 
other coast. =)