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Sloan In Windsor (review)

well the sloan show in windsor was pretty eventful, but as it went late and I
then had to travel back home and awaken for school, I am not completely
coherent.  Seeing as noone has posted a review yet, though, I just thought
I'd give a little rundown. 

Local Rabbits
The drummer who played with them is *not* the same drummer who played on the
  record is it?  Aside from that, I have no complaint in regard to the
rabbits, they rocked out, but good, with extensive use of keyboards.  They
seemed a bit amused at the arranged seating.

They were who I was most looking forward to seeing, but they played
everything about 20 times Slower than on the record, so that was kind of a
let down. They did play well, though even if it was slow.  The kid in the
seat in front of me slept during their set.  Right before this went down,
people went down by the stage and this total prick terminator moustached
security guard hounded everyone away (This guy didn't give up either, he
thought the world would cease to exist if a single rule of theatrical seating
uniformity were broken.  He would go and hide in the exit hallway on the side
during elevator to hell and come beeeeeootch at you if you so much as got up
to take a leak suspiciously.  I didn't run into him after sloan came on, but
let's just say that unless someone altered his prime directives, he
definately had his hands full.)    

Okay, this was *way* out of hand... Sloan are transforming from being a band
that you respect for their music, into a sort of (anti)Grunge menudo.  For
example, get out that 'Mock Up scale down' CD, and look at the back cover.
 Now, multiply that times ten, and you've just about got how last night was.
 It was like I was at a davy jones autograph signing about 26 years ago.  Ah
well, that was a pretty stupid tangent, but it was more than just a bit over
the top.  Anyway, people mobbed the stage again after ETH, and the satanic
security guard came over and started ordering people back to their seats,
until he got to these punka rawkas in Operation Ivy gear who refused to move.
 He went and got this sort of rent a cop and a guy in a suit who I guess was
the owner, who was like "heh heh heh...we'll get 'em.. hehe heh".  And so it
ended up that they wouldn't let sloan come on until everyone went back to
their seats. Everyone went back to their seats. Sloan came on, and everyone
went back.  So, a waste of about a half hour.  Anyway, they played, probably
better musically then I've ever seen them play, with a few fun moments...

~In the middle of Penpals, they had this total KISS handclap thing.  Rick ran
around taking pictures during the whole little interlude.
~During A-Side wins, the Keyboard was *Way* too low in the mix, so andrew
sang: "I....I can't hear anything...", which prompted Patrick to go turn up
the volume.
~During "I am The Cancer", Chris Sang: "Sorry We had to go.. But we have
~During "I can Feel It", this girl ran up on stage, and up pops Mr.
moustache, who starts barking at her, but chris fends him off, and she sings
the harmonies.

Anyway, I got home at about 12:30, exceeded the recommended levels of
mathematics exposure for one day, finally got to bed at about two, and
proceeded to wake up at quarter to six.  I don't know why I told you that.
 I'm sure there's a billion things I forgot, but that's up to those of you
who have a high tolerence for sleep depravation.

I lost all my old e-mail, so is that one VOX just mentioned still available,
I remember someone offering to buy em for cash + postage but can't remember
who it was.

This is a post script, and the main message is solid as a rock ECC, so don't
get all bent in a pretzel over this:  Has anyone heard the new zumpano yet?
If so, Is it closer to rookie or the murder 7" (Short, and really poppy, or
Really Long and poppy.)?