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Re: (Fwd) Re: advertisement and more?

->place to set up a 24 hour cafe with free internet access, and to hold 
->what he called "alcoholic events".(I'm pretty sure he meant serving 
->drinks at certain shows, as opposed to a 12 step program for 
->scenesters..     :) Anyone out there have any clue as to how 
->liscences for that would work??.

well, here in PEI all the kiddies are 
allowed (in theory, though not so much in 
practice anymore now that only 17+ are 
allowed into those affairs) into the barn 
during those fabulous wet/dry events as long 
as they don't fraternize with the 
drinkers in a sense....

there is a "wet" side of the building where 
all the drinkers drink the night away...then 
there is the dance floor side which is 
"dry."  all folks are allowed there...the 
non-drinkers dance the night away and the 
drinkers, when done drinking can go over and 
dance sans-beer which is also a plus since 
there are no beer bottles looming over 
people's heads in the oh-so-classy mosh pit. 
you can, however, see the band perfectly 
well from the wet side.  
there are no visible drawbacks.....except 
for the raging prince edward island 
alcoholics stumbling and fighting where ever 
they go be it a wet or dry area.