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this actually happened...

as part of the ongoing atlantic film festival,
last night there was a showing at wormwood's cinema
of some new short films, including _tunnel of love_
by helen hill, featuring piggy (i didn't see the
film but apparently the featured song is "accidental
romance").  anyway, piggy, sans graham macdrums,
set up to play at the film co-op party that was
going on in the "industrial film cafe" part of
the wormwood's building.  they played a few songs,
and at one point, paul announced, "i wish to say
that, even though the film festival is sponsored
by moosehead beer, piggy is sponsored by *nobody*."
(at which point i held up my bottle of moosehead
 and said "all right!" -- but i digress...)
well, a song or two later, festival programmer
ron foley macdonald (yes, him again) stepped in
and told paul that they had to stop playing
because they were disturbing the latenight
screening that had just commenced (another
digression: when i asked paul what rfmd had said
to him, paul asked me how i was doing and i said,
"oh fine -- listening to piggy, drinking some
moosehead..."  so paul said "oh no!" and i said
"well, you know it's the only brewery left that
is actually maritime owned!" at which point he
admitted that he was drinking coca-cola!)...
so piggy packed up and left, and immediately this
folk singer/guitarist started up, and she was
*much louder* than piggy but *no one stopped her*.
hmm...  i smell a rat...

oh by the way, paul is heading for an 8-week trip
to kenya & uganda next week, so piggy won't be
playing around here for a while...


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