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Re: Sebadoh in Montreal (Well at least this "ain't" about Jay F's ha

>I'm desperately looking for some information on the Sebadoh show in 
>Montreal. I'm flying up from Halifax for it (it's Oct 3), and I would
>really like to get tickets beforehand. If there is any kind person out
>there that knows what ticket agency (and a phone # 
>as well) is selling the tickets (it's at the SONA club), or who could 
>actually pick up tickets for me, could you please mail me?

>sorry about the non-E.C....I'm just dying to see these guys.....


My dear friend, the show is actually October 2nd.  You can get tickets at
L'oblique, its a record store, 499-1323.    The SONA club is on Bleury and St
Catherines.  Actually, even better, I'm sure you can arrange to have tickets
waiting for you at the door as well.  You can call the promoter, ask for
Nancy Ross at Greenland 285-2423.  Tell her your problem/question and that
you are on Sloannet and that I told you to call her.  She is super sweet and
will help you out.

As for sloan, ummm, they are playing in Montreal next week and the whole town
is really excited. Actually, the posters are really beautiful.

feeling like a maritimer,