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FA Q. (and the horse you rode in on.)

just kidding.  don't take it personally.

i've begun work on that sloannet Frequently Asked Questions list.
if there's a question you think you've seen asked one too many times
on sloannet, please send that question to me (by private email!) so
that i can include it in the FAQ.  thanks.

here's a small preliminary version with a few sample questions to
get us started.


sloan net FAQ - last update september 29, 1996

Q:      Are Chris Murphy and Matt Murphy related?
A:      No.

Q:      In the lyrics of "Underwhelmed", there's
the strange line "she told me to loosen up, on the
way to the LC."  What the heck is an "LC"?
A:      In Nova Scotia, only government-run stores
and boutiques are allowed to sell alchohol.  The
department responsible for this is the Nova Scotia
Liquor Commission, or NSLC.  So someone going to
the "LC" is going to the Liquor Commission, i.e.
liquor store.

Q:      Is the split 7" where Sloan and Eric's
Trip cover each other still available?
A:      No.  However, both songs are available
elsewhere.  The Sloan cover of Eric's Trip,
"Stove/Smother", is on the DGC CD/cassette _DGC
Rarities Vol. 1_.  The Eric's Trip cover of Sloan,
"Laying Blame", is on the Cinnamon Toast singles
complilation CD/LP _Trim Crusts If Desired_.

Q:      Where can I find copies of the early
Eric's Trip cassette releases?
A:      Nowhere.  They were sold out years ago and
were never released by any label.  The only
pre-SubPop ET release still available is the
_Peter_ EP on Murderecords.

Q:      What about the "Belong" 7" single?
A:      It was released on NIM records of Moncton
but is now out of print.

Q:      Have Eric's Trip broken up?
A:      Yes.  Rick and Mark, along with Tara, are
now pursuing Elevator to Hell as a fulltime
project.  Julie is going to do a second Broken
Girl full-length record for Sub Pop.  Chris has
recently released a second Moonsocket full-length
CD on Sappy.  There will be an Eric's Trip
rareties CD released.

Q:      Have the Hardship Post broken up?
A:      Yes.  After the Human Touch tour, where
Seb and Mike tried to go it as a duo, Alyson
MacLeod (ex-drummer of jale) joined the band.
They recorded an album's worth of demos but the
only record to be released by that version of the
band is a 7" single on Squirtgun featuring a Mike
song and an Alyson song.  That last version of the
band has now called it quits.

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