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Re: plumtree/ tara s'appart/ sloan

Dream's e-mail is 
for more info on Tara's "Little" 7", or 
info on Soft Blanket, another band on 
Homemade Hearts just send an e-mail I guess.

May I say, however, that Soft Blanket is 
excellent!  I have listened at length to the 
"Death of a Perfect Love" cassette and i 
love it!!  This is also available through 
Dream. There is also a 7" by said band.

I will be distributing these records around 
the Maritimes and perhaps a few others will 
be as well.  So for ordering info, drop me a 


->Dream Smith can tell more, but Ramona Records (aka me and a phone line and
->a couple Waterloo musicians) will be distributing her stuff in K-Waterloo
->and Toronto. I'll be hitting the record stores in a couple weeks, and I'll
->be selling them at our local shows. Anyone who wants to be added to the
->gig list, email me and I'll let you know before said (sometimes EC content,
->sometimes not) shows take place.