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thee sanctuary

hi sloan net,

the one thing that i noticed at the HOM finale show was that it took
freakin' forever to get in or out of that place, and it smelled "funny."
it was dark, so i'm not sure how dirty it really was. it was loud but yet
you can't hear anything at the B&B, next door, which is nice.

i ran into waye mason on the street, though, and he says he doesn't want
to work with the club again until they work out a few serious bugs. if
there is a full on rave or even a semi-packed all ages show going on and
something starts to burn, how the heck are they going to get everyone out
without crushing a lot of small and not so small folks? there are several
levels to the club and those stairs are just WAITING to permanently
disable someone like me, especially in poor lighting. and there's
something up with the ventilation...dust, smoke, mold, i'm not sure what,
but it's hard to breathe in there. waye says he will not be booking bands
in that place until it meets much high standards in terms of fire safety,
etc. good point, i think.

i dug the sound, but i had ear plugs, so maybe that makes a difference.

oh, another thing, aaron mentioned it. the lack of a place to sit/put
stuff. why does "all ages" usually go hand in hand with "dirty floor to
sit on"?

and i didn't go to the rwest/champs/hermit/etc show because a) HOM wore me
out, literally b) school makes me tired  c) i've seen those bands a plenty
this year and i know they'll play again, so maybe next time. oh yeah, and
thrush hermit are getting boring.

awaiting james covey's lecture on why the hermit don't suck (*yawn* :)  ),

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after September 30, 1996