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(Fwd) Re: advertisement and more?

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Date:          Tue, 24 Sep 1996 10:21:37 -0400
To:            sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com
From:          jrcovey\!/cochran.com (James Covey)
Subject:       Re: advertisement and more?

>any opinions on the viability of the sanctuary as a performance space?
>two shows down and not a lot of comment - seems like an interesting topic
>for discussion.  why is it that a bill featuring BOTH rebecca west and
>thrush hermit can not draw any sort of crowd At all?  appaantly people in
>this town want to see beer, not bands.

  I'd be inclined to agree with sen,or Covey on the space's 
acoustics, although the sound equipment (or possibly soundmen) seem 
like they could use a little work. Tables and chairs would come in 
handy (even if we can't put beers on the tables or collapse from 
"overdoing it" into the chairs).
      On the all ages show issue, I'm going to have to take issue 
with mike . I'm sure the lack of drinks did keep out a few 
people, but I've got a sneaking feeling that certain "hipsters" in 
this town are just " above"  rawkin' out with the all ages crowd. 
How's that for  elitist???
  I did manage to chat with one of the employees as I was waiting 
outside the doors on saturday, and he said that the plans were in 
place to set up a 24 hour cafe with free internet access, and to hold 
what he called "alcoholic events".(I'm pretty sure he meant serving 
drinks at certain shows, as opposed to a 12 step program for 
scenesters..     :) Anyone out there have any clue as to how 
liscences for that would work??.

   take care, Aaron Petrie

  ps.   Best of all, due to the club's being conveniently located 
accross from the mediteraneo, next time some otherwise top drawer 
band starts to believe their own hype and play 45 minutes of straight 
wankery,  I can go across the street and drown my sorrows in an all 
day breakfast. (choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, Home fries, 2  eggs 
any style and bottomless coffee for under $3.00!!!).... Just kidding, 
The show blew my mind.....

   Take care, D. Aaron Petie