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Re: advertisement and more?

At 08:49 PM 9/23/96 -0300, you wrote:
>pisses them off.  keep it discreet, that way everybody wins.  calling 
>your fans assholes and spitting on them is definately not cool.  rockstar 
>sissy fits are so 1993 (oh bitter irony...).  if moshing bothers you so 
>much - don't go to shows.  if their fans bother them so much, maybe 
>sloan  shouldn't play shows.  oh i forgot ... frat boys and jocks don't 
>really like them, only YOU do. 

I do beleive that they spit & called the crowd surfers assholes after asking
the crowd numerous times not to crowd surf. it wouldn't be very cool if they
had just done this for no reason, but i think they had every right to be
mean after no one paid attention to them. and the crowd surfing was just
brutal - i saw a girl in the front row get her eyebrow ring get half ripped
out (and i mean i *saw* it happen - i was in the photo pit/side of the stage
for all of the show) not a pretty sight.

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