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advertisement and more?

avengers7+gracebabies+furnaceface\!/birdland. september 27th (this friday.)

also, avengers 7 seven inch to come someday in the foreseeable future.  

so, because they're too damn shy to talk about it on their own, i'd like 
to plug some snappy up and cummin' ant records releases.  first and 
foremost, the motes state champs split7" with possible split bonus
cassette is out soon, also, a four cassette box set with 'zines and shit 
of ffour motes solo records (that would be a jack safari tape, a feldman 
tape a jonhut tape and a monty (?) tape, much like the kiss solo 
records...), also there's a jena cassette coming soon (i believe j. was 
dubbing them yesterday, so maybe they'll be out first).  it's 
acoustic-ish stuff by the ex-voice of the horribly obscure yellow sleeves 
of truro.  her voice is a little on the mary timony side of things, and 
the yellow sleeves were fab-o, so this should be great.

i hear rumours that he one and only graham macdougall has bought his way 
into indie land and has joined the zedd records team, the folks who 
brought you the spine 7".  no word on upcoming releases or plans, but 
this fresh infusion of talent and zeal should pick up the pace a bit.  
maybe a possible merger with daydream records could be in order to form 
one halfway viable record company out of two floundering ones?

any opinions on the viability of the sanctuary as a performance space?  
two shows down and not a lot of comment - seems like an interesting topic 
for discussion.  why is it that a bill featuring BOTH rebecca west and 
thrush hermit can not draw any sort of crowd At all?  appaantly people in 
this town want to see beer, not bands.

someone (andrew r.?) mentioned greg clark's enormous debt load and the 
fact that he paid sloan a heep of cash to play HoM.  this is untrue, 
clark paid no one to play the HoM fest, he provided a space for them to 
hold it (probably at a cost), but the festival organisers took the money 
from the door and paid the bands.  can you say: corporate sponsors?  the 
birdland should move at the end of october/early november.

re: stage divers, moshers, et al.:  quit yer bellyaching.  if you're 
playing at a bar, you have bouncers to deal with that shit.  i don't care 
if it is "ruining your vibe," please stop complaining about it, there's 
honestly nothing you or the band can do.  sloan are paid professionals 
working for beer money, they have a responsibility to put on a good show 
REGARDLESS of whatever is going on in the crowd, if they have a problem, 
they should take it up with security, or maybe even have the foresight to 
talk to the bouncers before the show (it's really not that unheard of.)  
tell the crowd the rules right off the bat and throw anyone out who 
pisses them off.  keep it discreet, that way everybody wins.  calling 
your fans assholes and spitting on them is definately not cool.  rockstar 
sissy fits are so 1993 (oh bitter irony...).  if moshing bothers you so 
much - don't go to shows.  if their fans bother them so much, maybe 
sloan  shouldn't play shows.  oh i forgot ... frat boys and jocks don't 
really like them, only YOU do.