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Re: plumtree/ tara s'appart/ sloan

The sizzlin' teen wrote...
>and as for Tara, she has a new (first?) 7" out.  and again, i've forgotten 
>the specifics, including the label... something along the lines of Homemade 
>Hearts Records (?) or something dreamy and warm like that :)  4 songs, and 
>the 7" is available at the Sloan concerts w/ ETH.  maybe someone could post 
>specific and complete info 'bout this.

Dream Smith can tell more, but Ramona Records (aka me and a phone line and
a couple Waterloo musicians) will be distributing her stuff in K-Waterloo
and Toronto. I'll be hitting the record stores in a couple weeks, and I'll
be selling them at our local shows. Anyone who wants to be added to the
gig list, email me and I'll let you know before said (sometimes EC content,
sometimes not) shows take place.

I don't have copies yet, but I should soon.


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