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Eric's Trip rarities

For those of you wondereing about the Eric's Trip Rarities CD, I got a letter
from Tara the other day, and here's what she had to say aboot it:

"About the Eric's Trip comp... It should be out pretty soon, but we're still
back and forth and in between about who's putting it out.  Rick wants to get
it done as soon as possible though, so..."

It doesn't really clear much up, but it's at least reassuring to know that it
is being worked on (well, maybe not as rick's on tour right now, but you know
what I mean.)

Re: the eric's trip sattelites,

Hypothosis:   I feel that they are all good in their own way, as follows, in
alphabetical 	      order no less.

Broken girl:  		good for studying, reading, dozing off. Moody.

Elevator to hell:	Good for being depressed, quenching the urge to hear a lot
of 			smoking references. Moody.

Moonsocket: 		Good for being versatile and uh... interesting. Moody.

Purple knight: 		Good for nothing. No! No! Just kidding! Good for being hyper
and 			off key.

Conclusion:   They're all pretty moody, aside from mark, who probably went
through that 	      whole phase ten years ago.

On topic,