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label info, beta version.

OK, here's a list of sources of information on East Coast music.
When I get a Sloan Net web page up I will try to compile more labels,
web pages, etc.  What I am offering here is mostly a list of labels
that distribute east coast indie music, so that people can direct
their queries about tour dates, catalogues, and releases more effectively.
Please email me privately with comments and suggestions.

        (ask a friendly label mogul today!)

        We do our best to avoid cluttering Sloan Net
with requests for information about record release
dates, tour schedules, and that sort of thing.  A
lot people sign on to Sloan Net looking for music
information, and sometimes do not realize that
with a little perserverance, you can usually find
the information you want *elsewhere*.  Here's a
breakdown of main sources.

SLOAN - There is an excellent Sloan website
maintained by Heather MacEachern and Shawn Morris.
There's a lot of interviews and articles archived
there that can offer you a lot of basic background
about Sloan and the Halifax scene, not to mention
tour dates, photos, lyrics, tab, and other stuff.

"The Official Sloan Website"

"Heather MacEachern" <maenon\!/webgate.net>

"Shawn Morris" <shawnm\!/webgate.net>

If the information you want about that upcoming
Sloan gig can't be found on the web site, and if
you live in Canada, than try MCA Records Canada.
Sloan are not an MCA artist per se, but MCA is
their exclusive distributor.  So if you want info
about tour dates, locations, etc., why not get in
touch with friendly Cori Ferguson, who is the MCA
rep in charge of Sloan publicity?

        "Cori Ferguson" <Fergusoc\!/mca.com>

MURDERECORDS - You're probably aware that Sloan
run a record label of their own, located in
Halifax.  Right now, the most prominent bands that
call Murder home are Sloan, the Super Friendz, and
the Local Rabbits.  Thrush Hermit have moved on to
Elektra (but don't look for them on the Elektra
home page because they haven't been added yet).
Murder has an extensive back catalogue of cool
records that includes Eric's Trip, jale, and
Hardship Post.  For catalogues, tour schedules,
and all other inquiries, send them email!

        "murderecords" <murder\!/ra.isisnet.com>

SUB POP - A lot of east coast music has been
released on Sub Pop:  jale, Eric's Trip, and the
Hardship Post for starters, and lately, Elevator
to Hell, Broken Girl, Purple Knight, and
Moonsocket.  Sub Pop maintains and continually
updates all sorts of useful information about
tours and releases, which can be accessed through
their automated email server instantly!

To find out how to take advantage of this service,
send the message GET EMAIL HELP (within the main
body of your text and at the beginning of a new
line) to


Sub Pop also have a big website at www.subpop.com.

CINNAMON TOAST RECORDS - The main bands on
Cinnamon Toast records these days are Plumtree and
Rebecca West (that means that for tour info on
those bands, cinnamon Toast are the people to
ask).  And there's again an extensive back
catalogue that you should check out (like their
compilation LP that includes Hardship Post, Eric's
Trip, jale, and Bubaiskull).  And yes, they have
an email address.

        "cinnamon Toast records" <msg\!/ra.isisnet.com>

SAPPY RECORDS - Run by Julie Doiron Claytor and her
husband Jon.  Full-length CDs by Broken Girl and
Moonsocket and a plethora of 7" singles.  Sorry,
no email for now.  Gotta use those postage
stamps for *something*, I guess...

PO Box 25097
Moncton, NB
E1C 9M9

SQUIRTGUN RECORDS - With a forthcoming full-length
project from Orange Glass, not to mention the
swan-song 7" from the Hardship Post, indie mogul
Lee Maslin also distributes Sappy product in
Ontario.  Check out the _More of Our Stupid Noise_
compilation CD that features a lot of East Coast

        "squirtgun records" <squirtgn\!/enterprise.ca>

PF RECORDS - The Inbreds have moved to Halifax
from Kingston, Ontario, and brought their little
label with them.  Highlights include older Inbreds
releases as well as a new split 7" with Plumtree.
You can subscribe to the Inbreds discussion list
at aa265\!/torfree.net but their web page (which
can be found at http://www.xe.net/inbreds/) does
not list an email address for them.

BOX 873  Halifax,
Nova Scotia B3J 2V9

DERIVATIVE RECORDS - The main bands for Montreal's
tastemongers these days are Sportsguitar from
Switzerland and Pest 5000 from Montreal.  They're
obviously not East Coast bands but both are worth
your attention (and bucks) if clever indie-pop is
your thing.  The back catalogue features jale,
Eric's Trip, and Moonsocket, so East Coast fans
should take note.

        "derivative records"

NO RECORDS - Purveyors of Cool Blue Halo, Madhat,
and the Grace Babies.  Also accessible by email.

        "NO records" <aa551\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>

SNOB SHOP - An enterprise of the multitalented
Laura Borealis.  Forthcoming releases from
Crappo 2 and Stinkin' Rich, as well as that
spiffy pink 10" Snob Shop record.

        "Snob Shop" <snobshop\!/aol.com>

ANT RECORDS - Best known for cassette releases by
the Motes and Six Too.

        "ant records" <macdan\!/MAIL.ATCON.COM>

DAYDREAM RECORDS - You have Daydream Records to
blame for the domination of today's indie culture
by the State Champs.  We know you're tired of
reading about them in every major newspaper and
magazine, but we still advise you to buy their
records.  We're also distributors of various and
sundry marginal east coast indie nuggets.

        "daydream records" <af557\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>

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