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Re: broken girl flexi/ Moonsocket

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Cory J. Boehm wrote:

> Few questions:
> 3) I heard something about a Broken Girl flexi a while back. Info anyone?

According to Caleb who runs Overcome Some Records he said he'll be 
releasing the Broken Girl Flexi on his label sometime before Christmas. 
Also, this is an American label. I don't have his e-mail or snail mail 
address with me at the moment but if you do a Yahoo search for `overcome 
some' that should bring his web page up. Mind you I don't think he has 
frequent Internet access so his e-mail response is a bit slow.

>  Lastly the best of the Eric's Trip side projects is Moonsocket, pick
> up "The Best Thing" to find out why.

I like Moonsocket but I wasn't too impressed with them when they played 
during the Sappy Tour in Toronto. Broken Girl is so much better.

Mike (hoping he didn't start a "which is the best of the Eric's Trip 
side projects" argument)