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sloannetiquette 2.0

All right, I've pirated an online netiquette guide and turned
it into a new version of the sloannetiquette guide.  Here it
is in all its splendour.  A lot of this is basic netiquette
(i.e. not necessarily specific to sloan net) but i think many
of you will find it helpful.  If you have comments, concerns,
questions, or suggestions, please email them to me personally,
not to the whole net.  Thanks.

Concerns that I have about the excessive use of Sloan Net as
a gig notice board will be addressed in a seperate document
that I am working on (perhaps as part of the FAQ?) that will
list alternative online information sources (such as the
labels I mentioned in my last post).

SLOANNETIQUETTE 2.0 ------------------------------

When you join Sloan Net, or any list for that
matter, monitor the messages for a few days to get
a feel for what common questions are asked, and
what topics are deemed off-limits. This is
commonly referred to as "lurking". When you feel
comfortable with the group, then start posting.

Keep your questions and comments relevant to the
focus of the discussion group, which in this case
is the East Coast independent music scene.

If another person posts a comment or question that
is off the subject, do NOT reply to the list and
keep the off-subject conversation going publicly.

When someone posts an off-subject note, and
someone else criticizes that posting, you should
NOT submit a gratuitous note saying "well, I liked
it and lots of people probably did as well and you
guys ought to lighten up and not tell us to stick
to the subject".

If you can respond to someone else's question, do
so through *personal* email. Twenty people
answering the same question on a large list can
fill your mailbox (and those of everyone else on
the list) quickly.

When quoting another person, edit out whatever
isn't directly applicable to your reply. Don't let
your mailing software automatically quote the
entire body of messages you are replying to when
it's not necessary. Take the time to edit any
quotations down to the minimum necessary to
provide context for your reply. Nobody likes
reading a long message in quotes for the third or
fourth time, only to be followed by a one-line
response: "Yeah, me too."

Use discretion when forwarding a long mail
message. It's preferable to reference the source
of a document and provide instructions on how to
obtain a copy. If you must post a long message,
warn the readers with a statement at the top of
the mail message. Example: WARNING: LONG MESSAGE

Resist the temptation to "flame" others on the
list. Remember that these discussions are "public"
and meant for constructive exchanges. Treat the
others on the list as you would want them to treat

When posting a request for information (e.g.,
"Does anyone here know how to get a copy of a
fanzine called _ffiction_?"), or a poll (e.g.,
"How many listmembers would be in favour of
stringing up Ron Foley MacDonald by his toes?") to
Sloan Net, request that responses be directed to
you personally. Post a summary or answer to your
question to the list.

When replying to a message posted to Sloan Net,
check the address to be certain it's going to the
intended location (person or group). It can be
very embarrassing if they reply incorrectly and
post a personal message to the entire discussion
group that was intended for an individual.

Please note that *every* post on Sloan Net
contains, in the header, the correct method for
unsubscribing.  If you look at any Sloan Net
message header, you will see --

        X-Unsub: To leave, send text 'LEAVE' to

Occasionally subscribers to the list who are not
familiar with proper netiquette will submit
requests to SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE directly to
the list itself, instead of to sloannet-request.
Be tolerant of this activity, and possibly provide
some useful advice as opposed to being critical.

Other people on Sloan Net are not interested in
your desire to be added or deleted. Any requests
regarding administrative tasks should be made to
the appropriate area.

If you are having *technical* problems with Sloan
Net (e.g. you sent your LEAVE request to
sloannet-request but you're still getting messages
days later), send your questions to the postmaster.


If you have *content* concerns about Sloan Net
(e.g. you want to know whether it's OK to post
about some topic), you can send those to your list
moderator at


Thanks in advance and welcome to Sloan Net!

james covey
list moderator

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