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building a better sloan net.

hey folks, have you noticed?  sloan net is sucking worse than
it ever has.  well, those of you who have been with us for a
while, but for some reason haven't totally given up on this
list, have definitely noticed.

this morning there were 50 new messages from sloan net in my
mailbox.  15 of them were totally inappropriate and i have
send replies to all 15, asking people to watch what they post.

of the remaining 35, a lot of the messages were pretty lame.
(there were some good reviews, though, i must admit.)

last week i got so depressed about the list that i was
considering quitting it.  then i talked to tara wittchen about
things and she gave me a pep talk and inspired me to step in
and do something about this sorry state of affairs.  so, i'm
going to give it my best shot.  the FAQ will be resuscitated,
there will be a new list of posting guidelines, and hopefully,
a web page.  stay tuned.

ok, ontario people, this message is for you.  STOP TRYING TO USE
you have newspapers and presumable most of you have the necessary
literacy skills to read them and use them.  if you want information
about touring schedules or release schedules, email the appropriate
sources.  some of you don't know what those are, so here are
some email addresses for you...

murderecords - murder\!/ra.isisnet.com
sub pop records - loser\!/subpop.com
cinnamon toast records - msg\!/ra.isisnet.com
mca records canada - Fergusoc\!/mca.com

no more mr. nicemoderatorboy,


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