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potato fields forever....

for optimum reading pleasure, please play 
the "Super Friendz Theme" in your head.  Or 
hum it if your computer lab allows.

once again, islanders are headed to that 
vast land called "away" on the 
Northumberland ferry where we will be rocked 
upon [its] waves...but hopefully we won't 
fall overboard.  and that karen...she smokes 
so much (may be a dramatization, ok, well 
it is) that the undertow might keep pulling 
her in....
that's right, folks.
you, too, can meet an islander.

all of the charlottetown sloanneteers (S-L-
O, Oh I love that Halifax rock...A-N-
uh...there's not another letter....so 
anyways...) are invading halifax this 
you know, all 2 of us.
take us out on the town!
or else we'll be forced to join the ARCUP 
legions at the liquordome...
friends don't let friends (or even friendz) 
go to the "Dome." please.
rescue us from boreDom(e).

we have virtues incessant.
and we don't drool or drag our knuckles.
unless chris murphy's around...i'm sure we 
could bring ourselves to stalk with the best 
of them (you)....in fact, if we were better 
contempories, we could walk him home from 

and, to ply you with another super friendz 
who's your favourite player?
Mine's Joe Green.

Melissa and (non-smoker) Karen.