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Tara S'Appart/Orange Glass/Sappy

Few questions:

1) Ok seems we have established the Tara S'appart 7" is out. It also seems
the distrbution deal that was in the works locally has fallen through :( So
I need info on ordering this one please.

2) Anything new with the Broken Girl/Moonsocket split 7" that was suppose
to come out in in the spring until the people putting it out came up short
on money.

3) I heard something about a Broken Girl flexi a while back. Info anyone?

4) Any word on when the Orange Glass CD is going to be coming out?

5) Anything new from Sappy since the tour?

6) Does anyone have information on the rumored dates for Elevator to Hell
in western Canada?

FYI: The Lousy 7" is amazing get this now!!! Also the new songs on the ETH
cd are a major improvement over the first installment that seemed a little
dull. Lastly the best of the Eric's Trip side projects is Moonsocket, pick
up "The Best Thing" to find out why.