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plumtree/ tara s'appart/ sloan

i'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but Plumtree and Tara S'Appart 
both have fairly new singles out.

well, actually, Plumtree are on a compilation 7" with 3 other bands that 
comes with a zine whose name escapes me.  but i know it costs $7 ppd. 
 Plumtree recorded the song "Fatherhood" for it (e-mail me if you need info 
on ordering it).

and as for Tara, she has a new (first?) 7" out.  and again, i've forgotten 
the specifics, including the label... something along the lines of Homemade 
Hearts Records (?) or something dreamy and warm like that :)  4 songs, and 
the 7" is available at the Sloan concerts w/ ETH.  maybe someone could post 
specific and complete info 'bout this.

oh ya, and sloan.... anyone know, or could anyone ask, about the new lyrics 
to "worried now"????  earplugs fail me in the lyrics deciphering 
department....  thank you :)

oh, oh, oh... and for all you moshers or innocent people that get pushed due 
to the moshers.... if you have a short person standing in front of you, 
don't hold your arms close to you in a position that would result in your 
arms hitting the back of the short person's neck.  it really, really, REALLY 

hey, do i win an award for travelling a great distance just to see sloan? ;) 
 (i don't think i'll ever do it again.....)

          ...sizzle teen (who thinks we should start a tradition of pointing 
at her during the chorus of "snowsuit sound"... beginning with the ottawa 
show! )