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Birdland Article in Sunday Daily News

    There's an article in the Sunday Daily News that says that Greg 
Clark has signed a lease for the space on Barrington Street which 
was formerly the gay bar The Studio.  The CIBC opened a call center 
downstairs from the Birdland in the winter (dumb idea) and had been 
complaining about the bass. The bands will apparently play in a 
downstairs space about 2/3 the size of the current Birdland band 
space.  Considering that Clark says Sloan's HOM appearance was the 
first time they'd ever had to turn people away at the door, I think 
smaller is probably better.
    No mention of the rumours of Clark's financial woes, like his 
inability to pay his staff or the bands (apart from the collossal 
sum The Sloany Corporation supposedly got for headlining HOM), so I 
guess it's all untrue?

Here I go again,
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